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By Request Workshops or Groups


Private groups for you and a group of friends, co workers, family, etc.


By Request Groups or Workshops 


For groups of 4-10 people

Request a private workshop for you and a group of co-workers or friends. Choose from the following offerings, or contact me to come up with an activity that is created just for you. Patricia will provide a handout, guided art therapy activity and tea and snacks. These workshops would be perfect for a birthday or bachelorette, for team building, for your corporate event or retreat, for festivals, for a group of friends going through a difficult experience together, for fun and enjoyment, for a family looking for deeper connection with each other, etc. I am willing to travel to your home, workplace, church, community center etc., or the activity can be provided at my art therapy studio Wednesday-Saturdays. These workshops can also be offered online!

These workshops are therapeutic art making guided by an art therapist. They are not clinical mental health services.


You do not have to have any previous experience with art making, this is about art for insight, not about art for the end product.

Intro to Art Therapy : 2 Hours

Brief history of art therapy, how it can be applied for various healing purposes. How art therapy works, warm -up activity and art experiential of your choice.

Open Studio

Open studios allow you full access to my studio and the use of a wide range of art materials with guidance included. Try watercolor, acrylic paint, mixed media collage, clay, etc. You can bring your own art project from home, and your own materials if you wish. This offering is more cost-effective because there is less guidance and planning on my part.

Inner Tree : 2 Hours 

What would your inner tree look like, where would it grow? Patricia will guide you in discovering your innate connection to nature and uncover the wisdom of your inner tree. All materials provided including natural materials, feathers, sea shells, gems, dried flowers, etc.  

Nature Based Art Therapy : 2 Hours

This workshop includes a mindfulness based walk in nature on the beautiful Kemptville Campus' Discovery Trail. Connect with your 5 senses in nature, and allow yourself to be inspired creatively in your art making process by the natural world. 

Amulet/Talisman Workshop : 2 Hours

Amulets an Talismans are powerful objects used for the protection and good fortune of the wearer. Patricia will guide you to create your own unique talisman that is built completely around your own strengths and intentions. All materials provided including natural materials, recycled jewelry, buttons, beads, gemstones etc.

Create your own Oracle Deck

Patricia will guide you to create your own mixed media collage art deck of oracle cards. Discover guidance and meaning that comes directly from your inner self. You will be able to use this deck for guidance and insight daily. 


Contact Me

Contact me using the Contact Form below to schedule a no charge 20 minute phone consultation if you are interested in working with me to create a group session that fits your needs.

Group Therapy: Fees vary, please contact me to discuss a rate per person and art supplies that works with your budget. 

Method Of Payment
E- transfer or cheque is the preferred method of payment. Client will be provided with a receipt upon payment.

Cancellation & Missed Sessions
Cancellation of a scheduled session or group requires 24 hours notice by email. If a client is not present for their scheduled appointment, a partial amount (50%) of the session must be paid in full before rescheduling further appointments.

Insurance Coverage for Ontario Clients
The fees for therapeutic art group sessions are usually not covered by extended health care benefits because these groups are not considered psychotherapy. If you would like to arrange for a psychotherapy group, please contact me to discuss further. 

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