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My Therapeutic Approach

My overall personal approach to art therapy is person-centered, relational, trauma-informed, existential, strength based and positive. My ultimate hope is to assist and guide individuals to work with and honor the darkness, while continuing to strive towards the light, just as a seed planted in the dark soil must struggle to rise up towards the sun and emerge into the light. As a person-centered, relational and trauma-informed art therapist, I am primarily concerned with providing a safe environment for all session participants and am aware that therapeutic growth and positive change cannot occur if clients do not feel safe. Safety is created through collaboration with each client, and I strive to match the pace of the sessions to the unique needs of each client. As a strength based positive art therapist, I focus on each person’s strengths and what is working for them, and I know that inside each person is the knowledge of what their unique needs are and that they know best how to heal themselves.

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