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Amulet / Talisman Making Workshop


2 Hours

A talisman is a powerful object containing symbols and objects that symbolize meaning for you, it can bring you strength and support, bring good luck, and an amulet can provide protection. Another way to put it would be a good luck charm!

We will discuss some of the historical and spiritual significance of amulets, we can look at some examples for inspiration. All materials provided including feathers, stones, paint, mixed media, beads and buttons, fabric, and bring along anything special that you feel called to include. We will close with some guided writing to help you find the significance and meaning in your amulet.

55$ all fees and taxes included. Ages 18+.

Please follow the route below to get to Parish Hall:

From Concession Road you'll be turning onto Campus Dr.

Turn right onto Macphail

Turn left onto Shearer St.

There are two parking lots, park in the one beside the football field.

Register Here:

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